Looking for round tables and trestle tables to hire? Our wide range of tables means you have greater flexibility when planning your event as you can mix and match to suit your desired layout. The trestle tables are of uniform height and width, so you can use adjacent tables to create ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped layouts, as needed. 

Our large round tables seat up to ten people very comfortably

We also have wine barrels which can be used as a table with our beautiful timber slab table top or  as bar tables without a timber slab table top. They work well as standing-only tables or with bar stools placed around them.

Timber Top Trestle tables with folding legs:

1800L x 750W x 730H 

1800L x 900W x 750H

Standard Blow Mould Trestle Table with folding legs

1825L x 760W x 750H

Round Banquet table that seats 10 - 12 people.



Round table perfect for larger cake table or gift table. 900D, 725H.

Commercial Pipee chairs. 

Standard stackable chairs plus Hundreds of stackable chairs in groups of 4, on trolleys for easy movement.  Perfect for large gatherings, conferences etc.




Choose from our wide range of hire chairs and barstools to seat your guests in style. We cater to all budgets, from elegant seating options such as white Tiffany chairs, to utility seating such as plastic chairs, that can also be stacked. Our white Americana chairs, are well suited to beach and garden parties and outdoor events, and our range of ottomans will help create a leisurely, classy and yet comfortable atmosphere at any event. We also provide small stackable plastic chairs for children.

Our sleek black bar stools are a very popular hire item, especially for cocktail functions and corporate events. Put them with a wine barrell for the ultimate cocktail styling.

Take a look inside The Wedding Pantry and browse our selection of bar stools and chairs for hire. If you have questions about any of our products we’d love to hear from you




Kids, Kids, Kids.... 

Looking for pint sized furntiure to suit your young ones party?

Check out these great trestle tables the same length as our adult ones, however, with shorter legs to suit our kids chairs.

As always, we can always source other items as required.




Arbours create an amazing focus point for your wedding.  They can set the romantic scene like no other piece of furniture can.  If you are looking for a Rustic timber or bamboo arbour to suit the beach or country, or a more refined arbour to add a touch of old world glamour.  We have an arbour to suit your style requirements.

Rustic Beach ArbourRustic Beach Arbour & Bench Seating

2 Post Bamboo Arbour Two Post Bamboo Arbour

4 Post Bamboo Arbour Four Post Bamboo Arbour

Ladder arbour Rustic Ladder Arbour

Old World Glamour Arbour Old World Glamour Arbour


Candy Bar

Rustic Candy Bar 

Delight your guest with this Beautiful Rustic Candy Bar or stylish Lolly Buffet below. 

Lolly Bar